Best Unisex Perfumes Price India

6 Best Unisex Perfumes Every Man & Woman Must Try

Gender barriers are breaking in every area of life, and how! In the world of grooming and style, gender neutrality is gaining popularity as people do not want to be defined by narrow, binary definitions of sex any more. From clothes to hairstyle to bags and accessories, fashion is going androgenous or unisex today.

Why should perfumes be left out? Unisex perfume has taken over the market, and what works for women works for men too, and vice versa. 

This blog familiarizes you with the kind of perfumes that can be worn by both genders, and also introduces you to one of the most awesome unisex perfume brands.

Unisex Perfume

Originally all perfume was gender neutral. Men and women wore the same fragrances, and there was no distinction based on sex.

It was only after manufacturers started marketing floral and fruity fragrances as feminine, and woody, spicy scents as male, that there started to be distinctions. Then there were brands that claimed to specialize in perfumes made exclusively for each gender.

Unisex perfumes typically use gender-neutral notes like fruits and woods, but nowadays are experimenting with bolder scents too. So, you have leather or spice notes, or floral fragrances in unisex perfumes these days. 

Why Unisex Perfumes can be Used by Men & Women?

Unisex perfume is more convenient as you don’t really have to buy different variants for your partner/spouse and yourself. And you can also make a firm statement as a modern “woke” personality!

4 Uses of Unisex Perfumes:

There are some obvious advantages of using gender neutral or unisex perfumes. Some unisex perfume uses are:

  • Convenience of use – Both genders can use the same set of perfumes
  • More variants for exploration – You can pick and choose any fragrance
  • Breaking free of narrow constructs – No need to limit yourself
  • You can have more for less – In the same budget, fit in a wide range of perfumes

So, now that you are ready to experiment, we are there to help you select your best choice!


6 Best Unisex Perfumes

One of the best unisex perfume brands in India for men is Bella Vita Organic, the company that makes organic, scintillating perfumes for men and women.  

Some top unisex perfumes for men in their collection are:

1. Honey Oud Unisex Perfume

If you are not afraid of embracing your feminine side, and aren’t self-conscious about it, opt for this unique perfume for both sexes from Bella Vita Organic. With its harmonious notes of fruity-floral flavours, Honey Oud Parfum combines honey and bergamot with rose and oud, in a vanilla and oud base. You can wear it to a romantic date or a party with friends. Own your softer, gentler side with pride!

2. Fresh Unisex Perfume 

For everyday freshness, choose this Eau de toilette that has the refreshing fragrance of almond and bergamot with lavender and ylang-ylang. It is like a breath of fresh air, and can be used by both sexes. At an extremely attractive price of INR 674 for 100 ml. this perfume gives you the assurance of day long freshness.


3. Oud Unisex 

When you want to evoke regal, aristocratic and heritage vibes, go for Oud Unisex Perfume, a parfum with the scents of caramel with vanilla and floral oud, in combination with sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. It doesn’t get plusher and more decadent than this! 

4. Patchouli Unisex

Did you know some essences can make our mood calmer and our mind more peaceful? Patchouli Unisex parfum has the powerful plant essence of Patchouli, in a composition with white peach, orris and white musk. Needless to say, the heady combination soothes and pacifies your mind, and envelopes you in a sense of peace.

5. Skai Unisex

The Skai Aquatic Eau de cologne has a fresh appeal for those who are effortlessly sophisticated, yet understatedly charming. With its refreshing combination of bergamot with coriander and ambergris, this unisex cologne is ideal for warding off sweat smells in our Indian summers. Users love this cologne for its surprisingly long-lasting fragrance that keeps you smelling fresh all day.


6. White Oud Unisex

If you want to make a subtle statement, this Eau de parfum is for you. With Artemisian lemon in combination with enchanting amber and musk, the White Oud is an amalgamation of all things 'sweet' and 'spice'! This barely there, light fragrance works when you don’t want to try too hard.

With this comprehensive list of gender-neutral perfumes, your perfume wardrobe is sorted. So, whether you want to woo your partner, or make an impact at that important business conference, or charm your peers at office, you can choose the ideal perfume from these top unisex perfumes for men

Get such winner fragrances from Bella Vita Organic, arguably one of the best unisex perfume brands in India for men. And ladies too can use these gender-neutral fragrances to create a strong statement. Flaunt your charisma with elan, and create memories with style!