About Us

If you like smelling awesome all day long, you’re at the right place. And if you love luxurious and iconic perfumes but don’t want to spend your hard-earned money, then also you’re in the right place. BELLAVITA is a fragrance-forward brand that creates world-class luxury perfumes along with bath and body products that feel good and smell even better. Our perfumes are all you need to be the centre of attention, be it day or night. Our best selling perfumes are infused in our bath and body range so that you smell awesome straight from the time you take a shower. Power through the day with imported perfume oils from France, Spain and Italy right in your pocket and wardrobe, as BELLAVITA is single-mindedly and completely obsessed with making you smell fresh and irresistible.  

What We Want To Achieve

We want to make luxury perfumes and aromatic bath and body ranges accessible to all at value-driven prices. No one should have to compromise on their right to smell good with BELLAVITA around. Light on the pocket and heavy on the fragrance, we’ve got your back.

Our Promise To You


We make perfumes that are safe to use on skin so that allergies and reactions are not words in your vocabulary.

Imported Oils

We went out around the world for you, bringing you iconic and luxurious perfumes from France, Spain and Italy.


All good things come to an end but we try our best to stay put for 6-8 hours so that you can smell fresh all day long.


Neither were any furry babies harmed nor will they ever be. We love animals and do not test our products on them before dispatching them to you, with love.