Gifts Ideas For Men Perfume Gifts for Him

3 Fabulous Gifts Ideas for Men - Perfume Gifts for Him on Special Occasions

Don’t we all like a little bit of pampering every now and then? A little special attention, some surprise gift, some thoughtful gesture, an occasional dinner out, etc. Gifts are musts on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, career achievements, and completion of milestones. Your man deserves some thoughtful gifting that shows how much you care for and love him.

Now the question is what to gift your spouse or fiancé on really special occasions? Something that would be luxurious as well as useful? This is where a great mood-creating perfume comes into the picture. Perfumes are great gift ideas for men, essential for personal grooming, as well as evocative of shared memories.

But how do you select the right perfume for your loved one? We offer some handy tips in this blog.

Gift Ideas for Men

Men are usually not very vocal about their personal preferences. They keep their choice to themselves, and prefer to do their own shopping. This makes it difficult to zero in on proper gift ideas for men.

Let us help you with some typical gift ideas for him:

  • Ties and Belts
  • Watches
  • Perfumes and colognes
  • Clothing
  • Shaving kits
  • Mobile covers
  • Tool boxes

Among these, the most intimate of all gifts is perfume. Perfume denotes togetherness, intimacy and pleasant memories. If you want to gift your male best friend something that celebrates your friendship, then opt for a refreshing perfume. Your fiancé deserves an exotic perfume from the top perfume brands in India for males. Your spouse deserves a special perfume that surprises and delights him.

Best Gifts for Men 

Birthdays and anniversaries are occasions when you can really pamper your spouse. Get really creative with gifts for men. The more thought you put into buying a gift, the more the chances are of his appreciating your efforts.

Some unusual gents gift ideas are:

  • If he is fond of food, you can gift him a cookbook, or a hand blender or a set of kitchen tools. 
  • If your husband enjoys cinema, maybe you can curate a short list of the best Hollywood or Indian movies on his laptop.
  • For a book lover, select a couple of classics or bestsellers, depending on his choice. 
  • An avid gamer would enjoy some cool games purchased online. Maybe you can gift him that game he had been eyeing for a long time.
  • For a fitness freak, gifts can include dumbbell sets, trainers, or gym wear or accessories.
  • If your hubby is particular about grooming, or even otherwise, pleasantly surprise him with a men’s perfume gift set. It will be a bouquet of fragrances he can try out and wear on different occasions.

A perfume has both utility value as well as emotional associations of your time together with your man. Go ahead and select the right perfume from Bella Vita Luxury’s attractive range of organically made long-stay perfumes.


Birthday Gift for Husband 

Would you like some men’s birthday gift ideas, from which you can pick and choose for your spouse? Allow us to guide you with some birthday gift ideas for him.

We recommend the Bella Vita Luxury Dominus Eau De Parfum, a soothing blend of rose and jasmine with agarwood and labdanum, in base notes of sandalwood and cedar. It is undoubtedly one of the best birthday gifts for men

If your man is a go-getter, constantly on the move, you can gift him the CEO Man Eau De Parfum, a long-lasting perfume for men with lemon, lavender, vetiver, with moss and tonka at the base.


Anniversary Ideas for Husband 

The day you two were joined in holy matrimony is the most special one for you as a couple. Some great anniversary ideas for husband would be the fascinating unisex perfumes from Bella Vita Luxury. Choose from Fresh Unisex Eau De Parfum, Honey Oud Unisex Parfum or the Oud Unisex Parfum. These memorable fragrances can be worn by both of you with elan, and go on to become another shared memory between you. 

Perfumes that are gender neutral are some of the best anniversary gift ideas for him, aren’t they?

Gift for Fiancé  

Your fiancé and you are on the threshold of a new life together. What better gift idea for fiancé than Bella Vita Luxury’s Patchouli Unisex Parfum? It has the scintillating fragrance of patchouli with white peach, orris, and white musk, and is all about appreciating the meaningful little things in life. Trust us, it is one of the best gifts for fiancé

Bella Vita Luxury’s perfumes are easy on the pocket, so you can gift him more than one fragrance. You can also combine perfumes with other gifts for fiancé like a personally curated list of his favourite movies, or a bestseller novel, or some gym accessories. 

So, stop worrying over what to give your special man, and browse through our perfume collection to cherry pick the right fragrance. Here’s to creating many memorable moments together!