Best Women Perfumes For Woman Price India

4 Best Women’s Perfumes Every Woman Must Try

It is said that you are defined by your aura and personality. A lot of that aura is built around how you look, behave, carry yourself, and last, but not the least, how you smell.

Fragrance is an important part of your personality, and every woman would like to have her signature fragrance that conveys her style. But how do you select the perfume that evokes your personality aptly? 

Relax and sit back. This blog offers some pointers on selecting the right perfume, and lists some of the winner products from one of the best perfume brands for women in India.

What is Perfume? 

Wikipedia defines perfume as “a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, usually in liquid form, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent”.

While this would be a technically apt description of perfume, the significance of perfume for a woman is something much more. A perfume adds a sense of mystery and class to her personality. Women’s fragrances are usually feminine with dominating floral or fruity notes.

Perfumes for women can be classified into the following sub-categories:

  1. Parfum is perfume that has the most concentrated composition of natural scents and oils. It is the most expensive and has much longer staying power than colognes or deodorants. For high-profile events and exclusive occasions, parfum is the right choice. 

  2. Eau De Parfum has lesser concentrations of fragrance and therefore, is less expensive. It is more suited for daily use as it is more of a budget friendly option. You can keep it for wearing on date nights and family get-togethers, as well as weddings or birthday celebrations.

  3. Cologne for women is a diluted version of perfume. It has a far lesser concentration of scented oils and a substantial amount of alcohol. It is milder in effect, pocket friendly, and ideal for day wear and regular use.

  4. Eau fraiche is the most lightly scented product among women’s fragrances. It just gives a whiff of scent and is suited for professional wear. You can wear it to work without worrying about coming across as too loud or overdressed.

Which perfume brand is best in India? 

The market for perfumes and fragrances has both premium as well as low range perfumes, each vying for a place in your style wardrobe. There is the premium segment that has the likes of Versace, Chanel and Yves St. Laurent, and other exclusive international luxury brands. These premium segment fragrances cost quite a package and remain mostly out of reach for the common buyer. 

The best perfume brands for women in India include well-known brands like Skinn by Titan, Nivea, Wild Stone, Victoria’s Secret, etc. For the best perfumes for women that are organically made and safe to wear, while being easy on the pocket, you need to look no further than Bella Vita Luxury’s range of perfumes. A lowdown on the best women’s fragrances from this brand is given here.


4 Best Perfumes for Women

There are perfumes and scents galore in the store. How do you select one for yourself that smells great, is organically made, and lingers on all day? What’s more, are there perfumes that are affordable, so that you can mix and match, and select as per your mood?

We help you select the top perfumes for women, as per your requirement.  

  • Pocket perfume for women

For everyday wear, you need a perfume that’s affordable and easy to carry along, so that you can retouch whenever you need to. Bella Vita Luxury’s Glam Woman Eau De Parfum has notes of Jasmine, along with fresh hints of citrusy orange and calming notes of white honey. Priced at an affordable INR 299, it is a great pocket perfume for women.

  • Long lasting perfume for women

Fragrance should seek to heighten your femininity and mystique, and linger for a long duration. One such long lasting perfume is the Rose Woman Eau De Parfum that has the woody notes of rose with floral peach, jasmine and amber. With added pink pepper and citrusy orange, in combination with vanilla and musk, this perfume lingers on to evoke your romantic charm.


  • Best long-lasting perfume for women

One of the best sellers from Bella Vita Luxury is the CEO Woman Eau De Parfum that is both timeless yet modern. It has aqueous notes with a hint of musk, and earthy notes of leather, tonka and vanilla to keep you smelling awesome throughout the day. Make a sophisticated statement and leave a captivating effect on others with this best long-lasting perfume for women.

  • Best perfume for women under 500

Sometimes, you want to experiment with fragrances and try out new ones. You can try out the easy-on-the-pocket, day-wear Skai Aquatic Eau De Cologne, that is an iconic blend of bergamot and coriander, fused perfectly with ambergis and pink pepper at its heart. It is priced unbelievably affordably too! Charm your way through the day, feeling fresh and feminine with this best perfume for women under 500.

With these amazing fragrances, you are sure to raise your attractiveness and mystique several notches higher. Wow the world with your feminine charm heightened by the scintillating Bella Vita Luxury perfumes.