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5 Best Men’s Perfumes Every Man Must Try

Personal grooming is absolutely essential in today’s world. Whether you are in business, or are a part of the corporate world, or a professional practicing on your own, you need to look and smell your best. That is why perfumes for men are so integral to building the overall sophisticated image of the metrosexual man.

In our summer dominant weather, giving the perfume a miss is not only foolhardy, but also risky. You don’t want to end up smelling awful before an important business meeting or a romantic date, do you? Men’s fragrances come in different packages and you must be aware of which one to pick to suit your budget and requirements.

This blog will guide you to select the best perfume as per the occasion.

What is Men’s Perfume?

Men’s perfume has more of a masculine touch that evokes a sense of assurance, boldness and confidence. Woody notes or notes of spice or musk dominate perfumes for men.

Primarily, men use perfume to smell good and create a favourable impression. Let us check out the variants of men’s fragrances available:

  • Parfum, has the most concentration of pure perfume essence. Opt for parfum men when you really have to make an impact or create an impression that lingers on.
  • Eau de Parfum has slightly lesser percentage of pure perfume essence. This is the option to choose for when you are attending a day long meeting or a wedding celebration, or even on a long-haul flight. It lasts all day, and keeps you smelling fresh.
  • For every day wear to work, choose either Eau de Toilette that has pure perfume essence in alcohol, or Eau de Cologne, composed of 2-4% perfume oils in alcohol and water. These are lighter in nature and need to be retouched after three-four hours.
  • And if you want to smell natural with just a hint of fragrance, then use Eau Fraiche, which is the most diluted version of fragrance, and lasts for less than an hour.

So, now you know what to use and when, so why not also pick up some great perfumes while at it?

Which Perfume brand is best in India?

There are many men’s perfume brands that have a range of products in the Indian market. Wild Stone, Axe, Park Avenue, Fogg, Set Wet, etc. are some popular perfume brands.

But the best perfume brand in India for men would have to be one that offers organically made perfumes in various fragrances, to suit every budget. Welcome to the charming range of men’s perfumes from Bella Vita Luxury. Let us check out some top perfumes for men from their range.

5 Best Perfumes for Men

What does perfume mean for you? A means to make a great impression, or an essential grooming product to keep bad odours away? Whatever your requirement, Bella Vita Luxury has a range of top perfumes for men.

Don’t believe us? Check out these bestsellers for yourself!


1. Best long-lasting perfume for men

When you are out all day and need to keep smelling awesome, the CEO Man Perfume is the natural choice of Eau De Parfum. It is a long-lasting perfume with top hints of lemon and sugar, combined with lavender at its heart, and finally, vetiver, moss and tonka as the sharply-dressed base. Feel like a CEO with this striking perfume that is an ode to your charismatic personality.

Impact Man

2. Best perfume for men under 500

Sometimes, you want to be experimental with fragrances. The Impact Man Perfume, a cologne in a convenient packaging of 20 ml, at the extremely reasonable price of INR 275, fits the bill here. With its blending notes of mandarin orange, nutmeg and cardamom, and woody cedar, this cologne allows you to feel fresh while being casually impressive.

Dominus Man

3. Best perfume for men under 1000

To look and smell great, you needn’t break the bank! Get the best perfume for men well within INR 1000 with Dominus Eau De Parfum. It has a soothing blend of rose and jasmine with agarwood and labdanum, in a sandalwood and cedar base. Impress your lady love with this unique fragrance that evokes passion and romance. And at just INR 674 too!

Patchouli Man

4. Strong perfume for men

There are occasions when men need to create a strong impact. Get this done effortlessly with the Patchouli Unisex Perfume, that has a heady blend of Patchouli and white peach top notes, delivered by patchouli and orris at its heart, enveloped by Indonesian patchouli leaf and white musk at the base. Be at your very best with this unique fragrance.


5. Best body perfume for men

Get the best body perfume for men that is also a no-gas deodorant meant to keep you fresh smelling all day. The CEO Man Body Parfum is just the right choice priced economically at INR 249.

Whatever your need, Bella Vita Luxury has the right perfume, cologne or deodorant for you. Be remembered for the aura you spread with these fascinating fragrances!