Perfume - Different from Deodorant Scent

What is Perfume? How is it different from Deodorant & Scent?

I got a whiff of her heady perfume as she passed me.

You can smell his typical deodorant before he enters the room.

Dogs have a strong sense of scent or smell.

What is perfume, and how is it different from scent or deodorant? We casually use the words perfume and deodorant interchangeably, but there is actually a huge difference between the two. For that matter, even perfumes and fragrances are slightly different in meaning.

Confused? Read on to know the exact perfume meaning, and what eau de parfum means. This blog also aims to familiarize you with the history of Indian fragrances.

What is Perfume?

Our country has a rich history of Indian fragrances. Sandal, rose, jasmine, and other essential oils have been used in fragrances to convey good taste. Ancient kings and queens, and most of nobility were quite fond of using perfumes. The ittar was one of the first scents used by the Mughals.

Perfume has come a long way since then. Today, most of what goes as perfume is chemical based, rather than a concentration of natural fragrances.

The following characteristics of perfume have been defined by dermnetnz.

  • A perfume or parfum has a substantial concentration of fragrance, and therefore is the most expensive.
  • As it is heavier, and oilier, it needs to be used less. The fragrance lasts through the day

Eau de parfum also has a concentration of fragrance, in combination of alcohol and water. It is lighter product and lasts for around 4 to 5 hours. This is the base for other fragrance types.

So, as you can see perfume definition varies from product to product. But how is it different from deodorant and scent? Let’s read on.


How is Perfume different from Deodorant & Scent?

The basic difference of perfume vs deo vs scent is in the concentration of natural oils. Perfumes have the highest concentration, while deodorants have the least.







These are a combination of essential oils and aromatic fragrances that offer a sweet-smelling experience to the user.

Anti-perspirant that curbs sweat induced body odour

Scent and perfume are more or less the same. Scent refers to the feature or characteristics of smell, while here fragrance refers to a product.

Highest concentration of essential oils

Minimal concentration of oils

It refers to a distinctive smell

Long lasting

Lasts only a couple of hours


Cost more, luxury product

Is fairly economical


Used on the wrist, neck, clothing

Used mainly in the underarm region


Packaged in beautiful glass bottles

Available in roll-on, aerosol sprays, sticks




What are the different types of perfumes?

Perfumes range from the pure essences/fragrances to the mostly alcohol based deodorant. We give you a ready reckoner on the perfume types or categories that are there in the market.


5 Types of Perfumes

The following are the types of perfumes available:

  1. Parfum or extrait
  • Parfum, or extrait de parfum or pure perfume, has the highest fragrance concentration
  • It lasts usually for six to eight hours.
  • As the alcohol component is less and fragrance concentration is more, it is a premium product
  • It is generally sprayed on clothes on special occasions.


  1. Eau de parfum or parfum de toilet

  • Eau de parfum has a lesser fragrance concentration compared to perfume or parfum
  • It lasts four to five hours
  • Being more budget friendly, it is suitable for everyday wear.


  1. Eau de toilette
  • Eau de toilette has a lower concentration of oils. With a high concentration of alcohol, its staying power is much less than perfume.
  • It is less expensive and can be worn more often.


  1. Eau de cologne
  • It has come to be associated as a men’s product
  • It has a much lower concentration of fragrance, and higher percentage of alcohol
  • As the fragrance isn’t that strong, it is suitable for professional wear.


  1. Eau fraiche
  • It is a high-quality, low-concentration blend that has a subtle scent
  • People who are sensitive or allergic to strong scents can use this product
  • It is ideal for office and day wear


Why is perfume used?  

Perfume is used to convey good taste and well-being. While a deodorant or cologne keeps body odour away, good perfume uses are a lot more than that.



Four Uses of Perfumes are:

  • Makes you feel confident and well groomed
  • Instantly lifts your mood
  • Evokes unique memories
  • Adds to your attractiveness and impact



So, it follows that a good perfume does more than just smell good. But, which perfume do you need? Let’s check out some options from one of the best perfume brands in India.


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