Smell Amazing With These Affordable Perfumes For Men Under ₹1000

Smell Amazing With These Affordable Perfumes For Men Under ₹1000

Check out these affordable perfumes that make you smell expensive!

When we talk about perfume for men, generally, we land on fragrances that are luxurious delights and highly priced. Finding the best perfume for men is undoubtedly a daunting task - the scent needs to be strong but not too overpowering; it must have spicy and woody notes, but not so much that it gives a headache. 

While finding the right perfume for women is an easy task, it is men who have struggled to find their perfect fragrance. But not anymore. Lucky for you that we have found some of the most fantastic smelling and affordable fragrances for men, and they are hands-down the best perfumes for men in India. Check out perfumes under ₹1000 here:

Your guide to wearing the right fragrance

 Long Lasting Perfume

For Everyday Office Look:

Keeping your A-game at work is essential, right? While you have all your workwear sorted, perfume is the next thing that can either make or break your work look. There are hardly any perfumes for men designed especially for men in their corporate uniforms. 

If you want to make your everyday office dress-up game sorted, try out an affordable yet exclusive range of perfumes from Bella Vita. 

  • CEO MAN: This is the perfect perfume for a confident man. CEO MAN Eau De Parfum elevates your work style and helps you be your best self every day!
  • IMPACT MAN: Designed for men who love to hustle in style. This Eau De Parfum ( Impact Perfume ) is perfect for your every way work wear and compliments your corporate looks. 

Perfume for Date

For Date Nights

Getting ready for that special night ahead? It would be best if you were extra careful with your chosen fragrance. With Bella Vita's range of men's perfumes, you can make an expensive first impression but still stay within your budget. Check out these best date friendly perfumes for men under 1000:

  • DOMINUS MAN: Enjoy date nights and cast a spell on your special someone with Dominus Man Eau De Parfum from Bella Vita. This pick-me-up fragrance is the perfect blend of sensual and fresh notes.
  • OUD UNISEX: Impress your date with your royal demeanour with Oud Unisex Eau De Parfum from Bella Vita. With woody and spicy notes, this fragrance is captivating and romantic.

For Day Out With Friends:

 When planning a day out with friends, you only need a perfect freshness that matches your undeniable charms. You need a relaxed scent that matches your mood, and Bella Vita has just the right one for you. 

  • SKAI AQUATIC EAU DE COLOGNE: For men who are effortlessly sophisticated yet understatedly charming, there is no better perfume than this one. Spend your day out having fun and not worrying about body odour.

For Casual Parties & Night Outs

 There's nothing more exciting than planning and dressing up for a night out with friends. Whether rocking the birthday bash or late-night extravaganza, you always need a long-lasting fragrance to boost your mood.

  • CEO MAN GIFT SETS: Feel the freshness and bring out your masculinity. With the CEO man gift set range, channel your virility, which sets you apart from the crowd. Start with a luxurious bathing experience, spritz yourself with body parfum and complete the regime with perfume.
  • PATCHOULI PERFUME: Strong fragrances, not your type? Bella Vita has the perfect patchouli perfume for men who like to keep it classy and intimate. Indulge in the best powerful yet soft fragrance.

travel perfume

For Travel Lovers

 Travel trips are the best way to cut the hustle of everyday monotony and put your exploring shoes on. While on vacation, you must ensure that your scent matches your mood. Check out the best fragrances here:

  • WHITE OUD UNISEX: An exhilarating blend of sweet and spicy, where the best of both worlds come together! Take this beautiful white oud unisex perfume to your next vacation and feel calm.
  • FRESH UNISEX: The name has it all. FreshUnisex Perfume for Men is the must-have vacation perfume when enjoying a breezy and beachy vacation. With lavender, Fresh Almond, Ylang-Ylang and Lavender, you get a pleasant fresh fragrance all day long.

It makes for the perfect gift 

Just like you, your other brothers are struggling to find the perfect scent, too, right? Well, now that you know how to keep your perfume game-high, why not treat your best brother with the same gift too? Bella Vita's best perfume for men in India comes at the best price too. Choose from luxurious perfume gift sets and surprise him with the best fragrance. 

Luxury Perfume Gift Set For Man  

This luxurious gift set for men comes with four mini perfume bottles that smell heavenly. These perfumes last long and add a touch of elegance and class to your personality. If you are looking for the best gift for a man who likes to try something new every day, this perfume gift set is an easy choice. With the charm of Impact, musky notes of Oud, the confidence of CEO Man and harmony of Dominus, the gift has one perfume for every occasion. 

Ultimate Men's Selection

This gift set from Bella Vita is a one-stop solution to smell incredible daily for every man. This handpicked combo is designed and thoughtfully curated, keeping in mind the different desires of each man. Each fragrance's unique note creates the perfect symphony of freshness, confidence, and class. The full-size bottles ensure your man is always stocked up with his favourite scent. 

How to make my perfume long lasting ? 

While the perfumes from Bella Vita last for a long time, there are indeed some hacks to make them go on for even longer hours. Most men love the idea of wearing a pleasant scent, but they hardly pay attention to the correct technique. 

The quick way is just to spruce themselves with a scent of their choice and head out for their day. This technique might not help with making you smell fresh all day. So here are simple cologne hacks that will ensure you are never separated from your favourite smell.

Apply right after your shower:

 Applying perfume right after your shower is the way to make it last. Your pores are still open, and the aroma gets absorbed, making it last long. On the contrary, when applied to your outfit, some perfumes might stain them.

Moisturise your skin:

Always remember to apply your perfume to moisturised skin and make sure your lotion's fragrance is not overpowering the smell of your scent. Allow your perfume to be the stand-alone enhancer of your personality. Avoid adding layers of different aromas, as that can be a turn-off and confuse people around you. Applying petroleum jelly to your pulse points is an extra tip here. Cologne will last much longer because of this additional barrier between your skin and it, preventing it from being absorbed completely. 

Build a harmonious layer:

While layering up different fragrances can be a deal-breaker, it is great to layer up the right way. Pick products that have similar notes and blend well with your perfume. You can choose a body spray with fresh notes and pair it up with SKAI Perfume. 

Apply on pulse points:

 This is the unsaid yet best rule for putting on your fragrance. Applying your scent to your warm areas- pulse point makes your fragrance last. Your chest, neck, lower jaw, forearms, inner elbows, and behind your knees are your pulse points.

Do not rub:

Rubbing the wrists comes naturally when applying the perfume, doesn't it? However, this is not a good idea. Rubbing the scent breaks its molecules, making it evaporate from your body faster. This kills the notes before your body even gets a chance to absorb them.

Now that you have the perfect perfumes and the right way to apply them by your side, it will be impossible not to gain attention for smelling wonderful wherever you go.


Which perfume is best for males? 

There are a lot of fragrances available for men in the market, but Bella Vita's range of premium perfumes is affordable and best for men.

Which perfume lasts for 24 hours? 

The answer is- none. There are hardly any perfumes available in the market last for over 24 hours. Choose the right fragrance and re-apply after 5-8 hours.

Which is the strongest perfume? 

There are a lot of strong fragrances available in the market, which mostly have spicy or woody notes. When choosing the right scent, avoid a powerful smell.

What kind of perfume lasts all day?

One of the most long-lasting base notes is oakmoss and vetiver. The fragrance of these products evaporates more slowly than other fragrances. Even after the heart and top notes have faded, you will still smell them.