Perfume vs Deodorant: What's the difference between the two?

Perfume vs Deodorant: What's the difference between the two?

Same, Same, But Different! Perfume vs Deodorant

Good fragrances can uplift the mood, and we all need them. Spraying deodorant and perfume after the shower has become a ritual for a fresh start to our day. We all rely on deos and scents, but many confuse the two. In this article, we will find out which is best suited to a specific occasion or if they are interchangeable. Read to know the difference between deodorant and perfume.

What is Deodorant? 

Deodorants block sweat pores, reducing perspiration produced by your body and killing bacteria that causes body odours. Deodorants mask body odour and can be applied anywhere in the body where sweat accumulates. You can use your deodorant every day on your underarms, fingers and toes. 

There are a lot of best perfume deodorants for men in the market, each with its unique scent and smell. But before choosing the one you want, take a look at the two categories under which your deodorant falls.

Most deodorants for men and women fall under two categories:

  1. Antiperspirants
  2. Non-Antiperspirants

All bodies produce sweat, even when it is dry, which is natural. Aluminium salts in antiperspirant deodorants (FDA-approved) prevent bacteria from growing in sweat and treat excessive sweating. A deodorant with antiperspirant reduces age-related or sun-induced underarm discolouration. 

Instead of using aluminium compounds to mask body odour, non-antiperspirants use fragrances or alcohol. While they are less effective at reducing sweat, some people prefer them because they are natural. These products contain alcohol, which evaporates quickly and allows your body's natural bacteria to break down sweat and release its pungent smell.

These are the basic functions that deos serves:

  • Balances out body odour caused by body bacteria and sweat.
  • Deodorants can be applied to other body parts if necessary, i.e. feet.
  • Deodorants are an affordable way to maintain a pleasant fragrance.
  • It is majorly used for sports functions or after showering body odour control.

Which deodorant is better for you?

Non- antiperspirant deodorants are less effective for people with strong body odours, making them the less preferred choice for men's deodorant than antiperspirant ones. If you are bothered by sweat patches, then antiperspirant deo is a good option. Bella Vita's roll-on deodorants are a great pick in this category. 

On the contrary, if you are someone who wants to layer up your fragrances and prefer perfume-based deodorant, then the deodorant spray range from Bella Vita is a must-have. Use these deodorant sprays as the base for your perfume, and add a layer of the same fragrance to complete your look. These are affordable and great deodorants available in the market. The best part? These deodorant perfumes are unisex and make for the best deodorant for women too.

What is Perfume?

Perfume is the aromatic mixture of more than one fragrance. Packed in luxurious bottles, perfumes are composed of aromatic essential oils diluted with alcohol, water and perfume. The scent of perfume enhances how a person smells and makes them feel good. Some of the best perfumes for men can be musky, floral, spicy or woody. On the other hand, the best perfumes for women can be fruity or herb fragrances combined to serve the different tastes of different people.

In addition to being applied on clothing, the perfume can also be placed on pulse points on the body. The body warmth of the pulse points helps to diffuse the aroma and spread it across as the extension of your personality. The longer the concentration of the scent is, the longer it lasts through the day. Bella Vita organic comes with a wide variety of perfumes for women and some of the best fragrances for men in India. 

What is the difference between deodorant and perfume? 

difference between deodorant and perfume

The main difference between perfume vs deodorant is that while perfume amps up the body's fragrance, deodorant curbs body odours. It is common for your body to have an odour when bacteria break down sweat. Deodorants help mask or reduce body odours for a fresher feeling. On the other hand, perfume adds notes to your entire fragrance and uplifts your mood. 

Another difference between perfume vs deodorant is based on their composition. The alcohol base in deodorant varies from 15% to 25%, depending on the brand. It helps to dry out your underarms, preventing bacteria growth. Generally, a perfume consists of several ingredients, including alcohol, water, and essential oils.

Why is it imp to choose the right scent? 

With so many fragrance options available in the market, it is vital to choose wisely and pick the right fragrance that matches your personality.

Let's just say no one likes the overpowering fragrance that gets to their heads; or a plain-jane scent that vanishes in no time. 

The right scent is the one that not only stays for more extended hours but is also made from the perfect blend of essential oils that keeps the top, middle and bottom notes balanced. Bella Vita Organic has a collection of perfumes for men that is long lasting and leaves you smelling amazing. 

How to Choose the Best Long Lasting Perfume for Men and Women? 

Choosing the best and most long lasting perfume for men and women  is not a one night affair. It is a long journey and requires patience and dedication. The best way is to know the kind of notes you prefer over others, Musky and Woody or Fresh and active. Once you know your choice, it will be easy to navigate through the crowd of scents and get the one your heart desires.


  • Is perfume the same as deodorant? 
  • Not at all! While perfume enhances your fragrance and rejuvenates, deodorant curbs your body odour.

  • Can you use perfume like a deodorant? 
  • Perfume cannot be replaced with deodorant and vice versa. While perfume can make you smell great, it cannot curb body odour.

  • Can we apply deodorant to clothes? 
  • It is better not to apply deodorant on your clothes as they can leave white patches. They are meant to be applied to the sweaty areas of your body.

  • Can we apply perfume to armpits? 
  • Applying perfume to your armpits is not advisable as it can irritate the skin. Also, spraying perfume on your armpits does no good in curbing the body's odour.

  • Should you use Deo every day? 
  • The effectiveness of most modern deodorants lasts from 24 to 72 hours. Daily deodorant use can boost your confidence and make you feel fresh and clean.

  • What happens when you stop using Deo?
  • There are chances you will feel more stinky once you stop using the deodorant, and the bacteria growth will increase.