Premium Perfume for Your Men That Cost Less than ₹1000

Premium Perfume for Your Men That Cost Less than ₹1000

Ladies, do you want your man to smell absolutely amazing but don’t have the heart to tell him that he just doesn’t smell irresistible? Instead of making him feel bad, why don’t you just buy him a perfume that will make him smell awesome! But, good perfumes for men can be expensive, very expensive. There’s no price to true love but burning a hole in your pocket just so that your man smells the best is also not the most logical solution. 

What if we told you that we can give you luxurious perfumes at extremely affordable prices? Imagine giving a perfume that smells as intense as Bleu De Chanel but is only for Rs 1000! Yes, you read that right! BELLAVITA offers the best perfume for men under 1000 and no, we are not playing a prank on you. 

How to choose the right perfume for men?

Choosing the best perfume for men is not as difficult as it seems, as long as you keep the following points in mind. 

Familiarise yourself with the fragrance family: Men usually prefer woody, intense and fresh fragrances and women love men who smell good. Budget friendly perfume for men can be found in both woody and citrusy scents and BELLAVITA perfumes is a great option for those looking for international quality fragrances at affordable prices.

Think about the occasion: Are you gifting your man an everyday perfume or one that he can wear on special occasions? Fresh and citrus scents are perfect to wear to work and during the day as they are lighter whereas intense, rich and heavy fragrances are better suited for evening events and formal occasions. 

Sneakily find out his preferences: Check the perfume your man wears currently and also try and figure out which perfume he loves to wear the most. Go online and check the notes of that perfume and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out the kind of notes he likes. This way you can get him a BELLAVITA perfume with similar notes and give him the best long lasting perfumes for men under 1000

Test before you buy: BELLAVITA pocket perfume trial kit is a great way of exploring 10 best selling perfumes in less than ₹350! Try the perfume on yourself, maybe spray it on him as well and then get the full-sized perfume for the men in your life.

Give seasonal perfumes: Think about the season when gifting a perfume to a man. Is it warm and hot and cold or rainy? Light and fresh scents go well with the summer whereas warmer and heavier scents are better for the winter. 

What are the most affordable perfumes for Men? 

BELLAVITA offers some of the most affordable, luxurious and long lasting perfumes for men. Here are some options for your man.

CEO Man Eau de Parfum:

One of the best perfume for men, CEO Man is a citrus and woody scent that is perfect for work and formal events. It is super long-lasting and the best-selling perfume for a reason. With top notes of lemon and sugar, it instantly makes you feel fresh and ready to take on the day. Heart notes of lavender keep you relaxed while base notes of vetiver, moss and tonka are woody, adding confidence to your everyday self. 

CEO Perfume for Men

OCEAN Man Eau de Parfum:

 One of the best perfume for men under 1000 is OCEAN Man, a fresh and aquatic fragrance that is perfect for summer and travel. It opens with fresh notes at the top, giving you an instant burst of energy. At its heart lies orchid and floral notes to keep you happy and relaxed. Musky and woody base notes add sophistication and confidence, making it the perfect perfume for your man.
Ocean Perfume for Men

G.O.A.T. Man Eau de Parfum:

 If your man is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, this perfume is for him. With top notes of bergamot, lavender and pepper, it makes you feel super energetic. Heart notes of patchouli add a woody sophistication to the perfume, truly making you smell like the greatest. Base notes are woody and musky, making it the best perfume under 1000 for the men who love woody, sophisticated perfumes. 


GOAT Perfume for Men

Luxury Perfume Gift Set for Men: 

If you’re still confused about the perfume you want to gift your man, the Luxury Perfume Gift Set is a budget friendly perfume for men. This set contains 4 mini fragrances, including all best-selling perfumes for men. OUD Parfum is rich and intense while KLUB Man is spicy and woody. CEO Man is a citrusy and woody fragrance while G.O.A.T is woody and musky. A perfect combination of the fragrances men love, this perfume gift is great to give as perfumes for boys as well.

Luxury Perfume Gift Set for Men

These perfumes are sure to get your man lots and lots of compliments. They are perfect for gifting and super budget friendly, making it the best perfume under 1000 for men and boys. BELLAVITA’s wide range of fragrances, perfect for different seasons and occasions will make your man fall in love with you all over again.